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Less Than Three Months To Go…. My Feelings

March of 2013, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers.

Lately I’ve been watching Friends for the first time instead of doing my schoolwork, and those have you who have watched it know exactly what accent I’m typing this in…

Oh… My… God!

All that aside I’ve come to realize just how exhilarating and yet terrifying it is that my trip to Ireland is inching closer and closer. This will be my first true time traveling 100% by myself. I’ve always been with family or as part of an ambassadorial group. Now I’m taking my first ever solo trip, and it’s for the longest time I have ever been away from home. The combination of excitement and sharp terror is absolutely exhilarating.

My life has been an absolute whirlwind lately between my classes, spending time with my partner, my part-time job (feels like full time) and my internship (which is working conventions). Considering that it has been a challenge to bit sleeping and eating in there, let alone get ready for Ireland, I’m amazed that I have the time to sit down and bust out a post for you guys. I have 65 days now until I leave for one of the greatest farm countries in the world, and I couldn’t be more excited. Add in planning out activities for my weekends, and looking up all the music festivals I want to go to and I have my hands full. I’ve scoured guide books, watched travel TV specials, and skimmed the blogs- surprisingly the least helpful so far.

With all this excitement going on I haven’t even been able to share my experiences at the conventions I’ve been going to. I promise that for my next upcoming convention (Quinnicon in Connecticut) that I will be much more proactive in getting my encounters out there because trust me, I’ve had some doozies. I’ve also been contemplating some Past Tides to share with you, but lately so much has happened in the present that I haven’t had time for the past! I swear I will get better. ūüôā

I would definitely love to read anyone’s tips for traveling in Ireland, and what to see while I’m there. I should have about four weekends to gallivant, one day at least already taken up by a planned day trip. Also anything you’d like to hear about, let me know! Your comments fuel my writing soul!

Until my Next Adventure

(Coming Soon!)

Viviana Ayre

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I Am Way Too Excited Right Now

March of 2013, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

So… I was intending to post a story about my travels. Something of worth and sustenance with some humor thrown in as well.

But I simply cannot focus because I’m too excited!!!! Way too excited. So as you all know, I recently got my tickets to Ireland. So I’ve been hyper and excited about that. It’s inspired me to start planning what I want to take, and where I want to try and visit during my days off from working on the farm. And now I just bought a camera after a year of being camera-less, specifically for this trip.


Look at how adorable she is!!!! But don’t be deceived by her size. She takes amazingly good quality pictures, and 1080p videos to boot! So it really looks like I’ll be doing the daily or every-other-day vlog that I want to do! And it’s going to be amazing. And thinking about the pictures and videos I’ll be able to take is making me even more excited. Thus I’m freaking out and completely unable to focus on posting a deep, insightful travel story.

My humblest apologies.

Have any ideas where I should try to go in Ireland (keeping in mind I have to take local transportation and I will only have two days away from the farm, max)? If you do, leave them in the comments!!!

Until My Next Adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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Gift Ideas for a Travel Enthusiast

December of 2012, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

As a a travel enthusiast, I absolutely adore travel gadgets and doo-dads. And as you guys might also know, I’m a huge nerd, and thus spend way too much time on the internet looking at all the awesome toys that could be in my possession if I worked a real person job.

Food service part-time is not a real person job.

Nevertheless, I thought I’d share with you some of the items I found on my favorite nerd toy website, Think Geek.

Stocking Stuffers

Caffeinated Soap


No really, it’s soap with caffiene in it. Despite being a faithfully Thin Geek lover, even I had my doubts. But no, this stuff really works and had been tested time and time again even on Good Morning America. So it got me thinking. When traveling, the worst part is hygeine. You either have to get all your products into little three ounce containers to bring it on a carry-on, or fret about your liquid containers bursting all over your clothes and ruining them¬†forever. But now, you can kill two birds with one stone! Instead, have a solid shower bar that¬†won’t explode all over your clothes, and have it help wake you up in the morning! With all the walking around and exploring you’ll be doing, who couldn’t use a little pick me up?

Prices Range between 6.99 for one bar and 37.99 for ten!

Caffeinated Lip Balm

I swear I wasn’t going through two caffeinated items, but when getting the picture for the soap I noticed there was lip balm as well. This would be perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up for those who¬†abhor¬†coffee (aka, me unless it’s made with half milk and a gazillion sugars and chocolate). So the Spazzstick is another possible option for that sticking you need to fill cause you bought one waaaaaaay too big!


Price is only 2.99 per stick!

***Note- I had to leave on a small trip before I could post this (having computer issues) and when¬† came back to post pictures and post this whole thing, the lip balm was gone. But I still like the idea! So if you can find it elsewhere, it’s an idea!

Stainless Steel RFID Blocking Passport Sleeve


A bit more on the practical side, here’s a small gift that will help protect against identity theft! And identity theft sucks especially when you’re out traveling in a foreign country.

Price is 44.99 which is a little bit on the pricey side, but if you’re moderately wealthy it might not be a bad idea.

iPhone Powered Personal Fan


Holy moly is this one a bit silly. But I can see for those iPhone lovers who are in a warm area, or a stuffy train, a small breeze might feel heavenly. And here’s a nice compact one that will not take up much room in your luggage.Priced at 12.99

Metal Inkless Micro Pen


Now for those of you who have loved ones who travel with a journal, this is a priceless treasure to stuff in the giant red sock. This pen writes anywhere (EVEN SPACE AND UNDERWATER!), and doesn’t need refills. I won’t lie, I have not used this for myself, but I desperately want one, cause it also fits on your keyring. SO you never have to worry about you pen sinking to the bottom of your daypack when you only have a few minutes to scribble down all the facts you never want to forget.

Prices are usually 38.99, but are currently on sale for 29.99

Okay! Well now that you have a few stocking ideas, why not take a look at some of the bigger present that go under the tree!

Under the Tree

Anti-Theft, Slash-Proof Messenger Bag


The title kinda explains everything as to why a traveler would adore one of these, but I’ll explain for those who are clueless and are just looking for last minute goodies. Traveling can be dangerous, and one of the biggest dangers is a pickpocket. Because losing all your money sucks and makes getting home rather difficult. So get your travel lover something that they could really use, a bag that’s knife proof!

Price is 89.99!

Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens


Yet another one for the iPhone fanboys. Since I’m currently camera-less, I have to rely on my phone for any travel pictures which is why this cuts kinda close to home. So why not get a few lens to enhance your iPhone! They’re small, compact, and that makes one less breakable electronic to bring!

Price is 69.99, but for the 4/4S it only comes in red. If you want it in black, you gotta get a 1.99 converter.

Freeloader Pico Solar Charger


We all know the trials of trying to keep your electronics charged, especially phones and cameras. Well now you don’t have to worry about trying to conserve your battery until when you retire to your hotel for the night. Use it during your lunch and/or snack break and keep your electronics charged and ready to capture a priceless memory! This is a perfect gift for a photography lover.

Price is 29.99 because it’s on sale right now. Original price is 39.99

While this is a little late, I hope I’ve given you a few ideas for some last minute gifts for the one you love who loves to travel.

Until my next Adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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Plans for the Future

August of 2012, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

So my birthday has come and gone, and I’ve realized that yet again¬†I have neglected my poor boots. With my constant working and only having time to visit Tomas and our girls (we have two rats together), I’ve been kind of brain dead. It’s been hard to be inspired when you go to the same part time job all the time and barely make any money. I haven’t had the funds to really go anywhere interesting, and it’s been getting me down. But I refuse to let it¬†keep me down, so here I go! I’m back! And here are some ideas as the where my boots are taking me.

For one, and most¬†importantly¬†to me, the trip to Disney is back on! January of 2014,¬†Tomas¬†and I have decided it’s a good time to travel to the happiest place on Earth. Another one of my friends has¬†guaranteed¬†her accompaniment, and let’s just say I can feel the excitement growing! By the time we get there the new Fantasyland will be complete, including the¬†Beauty¬†and Beast restaurant which I’m kind of excited for. I will definitely post more about it as our plans progress, and I hope you guys will get excited with me because as I’ve said, I absolutely adore Disney World. And yes, I will add to my collection of hugging-a-palm-tree pictures!

Is it odd that while going through what few pictures I have access to, I freaked out screaming “My Uggo Shoes!” because those shoes have been missing for forever when I saw this picture?

Now aside from that big trip coming up in a tad bit over a year, I have a couple of smaller adventures coming up.

In a few days I’ll be taking the day off to go to Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire with Tomas and his company. Many rides will be screamed on, and I certainly cannot wait to get in the water portion of the park. It’s been a mix of super humid and deathly hot, and thunderstorms haven’t been able to crack it. Ugh.

With school coming up I’m probably going to have to limit my adventures to just hiking around in the New England area as I slowly try and get back in shape. But pretty pictures will be taken and shared with you lovely guys.

I have two conventions that I am going to: Camp Anime in¬†Connecticut¬†and Another Anime Convention in New Hampshire. Suffice to say I am super excited. I’m going to be working Camp Anime as an intern videographer for Steam Funk Studios. Another Anime Con (AAC for short) I am going to with Tomas and my friends just for the pure nerdy pleasure! Pocky will be consumed, art with be ogled, and passion will be shared. I’m beyond excited for these events, and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you guys!

This is the event I’ll be “staffing.” Sort of. I’ll just be running around taking video!

Tony will also be coming along with me on these trips, so expect to get some new installments of Tony’s Travels!

For now he’s just relaxing with another cup of cocoa (didn’t think that the greatest superhero alive would have a chocolate weakness, didja?!)

Last but not least I’ve gotten some great ideas for travel advice, and I’m planning a few Past Tides pieces. It’s getting pretty intense now!

Is there anything you guys would like to see me talk about? Leave a comment below!

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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Plotting my Next Course

No, this is not a real post. I just have news that I’m itching to release to the world. After all the hardships in my life, I decided I needed something to look forward to. I plotted the course for my next long adventure.

I am going to DISNEY!!!!!

Sign Outside of Disney Pointing TO Disney

Yes, I am going there!!!

Me in Front of Cinderella's Castle

What you don't know is I have a 100 degree fever in that shot. But that is another story. The important thing is that I will be there too!!!

Expedition Everest

My favorite NEW ride. Granted I love everything about Disney.


Oh famous ball at Epcot, I will be seeing you again and screaming you're name soon! ‚̧

Walt Disney & Mickey Statue

Oh Walt, I will be seeing you again!

Yes, I am going to one of the places on Earth where I can almost never be unhappy. And with my partner, and a few of my companions I intend to make this wish come true. It will be hard, yes. I will probably need to increase my plundering up the three times the amount that I normally do. But the coordinates have been plotted, and I am thrilled to go.

I am giving myself a lot of time to prepared. This journey will not be until January of 2013 (maybe later depending on if I get that third job since my schooling and bills comes first).

So along with long winded posts on my Friday updates, I will also blog once and a while about PLANNING for a trip, and what you’re looking at to make a cheap-ish journey to Disney World.

Any suggestions? Opinions? Ideas (similar to suggestion, but somehow different ;P)? Please leave a comment below!

Until my Next Adventure,

Viviana Ayre

HS Chronos Aetherium

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