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An Update…

So recently I informed you guys that my exciting plans to go to Disney had fallen through. Over the past month or so I’ve tried to get the plans back online, but alas, it is obvious that a journey like that at this point in my life is mildly inconceivable.

To give people an idea of that life, I am currently a biology orientated college student. My days of exploring the world are currently on hold as I pursue my dream to become a large animal veterinarian or a farmer of sorts. I’m also rather financially poor with very little support from my family. Granted my mother helps me immensely by allowing me to live with her without requiring rent and she helps me in life emergencies. Alas I cannot ask her for college help so I am relying on FAFSA and other such college loans to bring my dreams to life. As such I work in order to at least mildly support myself and to pay things such as insurance and my car.

But I do not intend to let my inability to go on extravagant adventures to bring me down. Instead I intend to take smaller and cheaper ones. My first goal is to purchase a new bicycle. For one, it will be much healthier, cheaper, and greener for getting around my smaller town. Two, I intend to take biking trips around my state and around New England to just enjoy the outdoors again. Three, I have very poor knees and riding a bicycle is much less abusive on them than walking or running.

As of late, I have not been able to go on many trips. But I am going to be able to accomplish my second goal which is spending a weekend in Boston for their annual anime convention, which I count as a traveling experience simply because I’ll be meeting nerds from across the country, and I’ll even be meeting famous voice actors and performers from Japan. And I’ll be doing all this with my best friend in the entire world. Needless to say, I am beyond excited.

Other than that I have no solid plans or goals aside from surviving college, though I am willing to take adventure suggestions, provided they are feasible and cheap.

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

P.S. I do intend to have a real post, considering it’s is now spring break, but I probably won’t post it until tomorrow or Monday.

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