Looking at the New Year

January of 2014, Boot Size 10

My dear readers,

2013 has been a true mix of ups and downs. While dealing with severe financial issues after my Ireland adventures, I have managed to havebsome truly wonderful memories in making new friends and seeing new places. College has been intense and life consuming and living with my wonderful life partner has been an adventure all on its own.

Nevertheless I can definitely say that this year wasn’t a loss. Sadly thanks the the final quarter of it I have no travel plans, but a lot of past experiences to write about, especially since I have access to all my old pictures again!

So this post isn’t about travels, but the cliché resolutions list I have decided on:

1. Read 100 books by the end of the year
2. Improve my diet which has fallen considerably thus causing my life to decline in quality
3. Get some good use out of my new bike once the snow melts and return to my old fitness level
4. Fix my financial situation to the point where I can be a tad more comforatable
4A. Start a tiny fund for new travels!
5. Get my flag work skills back up to par
6. Write blog posts more consistently about my travels

It is a small list, but hopefully realistic considering my workload. I absolutely love writing on here, even as small as this blog is. I love you guys and your likes and comments just send warm fuzzy feelings to my heart.

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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