Plotting my Next Course

No, this is not a real post. I just have news that I’m itching to release to the world. After all the hardships in my life, I decided I needed something to look forward to. I plotted the course for my next long adventure.

I am going to DISNEY!!!!!

Sign Outside of Disney Pointing TO Disney

Yes, I am going there!!!

Me in Front of Cinderella's Castle

What you don't know is I have a 100 degree fever in that shot. But that is another story. The important thing is that I will be there too!!!

Expedition Everest

My favorite NEW ride. Granted I love everything about Disney.


Oh famous ball at Epcot, I will be seeing you again and screaming you're name soon! ❤

Walt Disney & Mickey Statue

Oh Walt, I will be seeing you again!

Yes, I am going to one of the places on Earth where I can almost never be unhappy. And with my partner, and a few of my companions I intend to make this wish come true. It will be hard, yes. I will probably need to increase my plundering up the three times the amount that I normally do. But the coordinates have been plotted, and I am thrilled to go.

I am giving myself a lot of time to prepared. This journey will not be until January of 2013 (maybe later depending on if I get that third job since my schooling and bills comes first).

So along with long winded posts on my Friday updates, I will also blog once and a while about PLANNING for a trip, and what you’re looking at to make a cheap-ish journey to Disney World.

Any suggestions? Opinions? Ideas (similar to suggestion, but somehow different ;P)? Please leave a comment below!

Until my Next Adventure,

Viviana Ayre

HS Chronos Aetherium

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