Plans for the Future

August of 2012, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

So my birthday has come and gone, and I’ve realized that yet again I have neglected my poor boots. With my constant working and only having time to visit Tomas and our girls (we have two rats together), I’ve been kind of brain dead. It’s been hard to be inspired when you go to the same part time job all the time and barely make any money. I haven’t had the funds to really go anywhere interesting, and it’s been getting me down. But I refuse to let it keep me down, so here I go! I’m back! And here are some ideas as the where my boots are taking me.

For one, and most importantly to me, the trip to Disney is back on! January of 2014, Tomas and I have decided it’s a good time to travel to the happiest place on Earth. Another one of my friends has guaranteed her accompaniment, and let’s just say I can feel the excitement growing! By the time we get there the new Fantasyland will be complete, including the Beauty and Beast restaurant which I’m kind of excited for. I will definitely post more about it as our plans progress, and I hope you guys will get excited with me because as I’ve said, I absolutely adore Disney World. And yes, I will add to my collection of hugging-a-palm-tree pictures!

Is it odd that while going through what few pictures I have access to, I freaked out screaming “My Uggo Shoes!” because those shoes have been missing for forever when I saw this picture?

Now aside from that big trip coming up in a tad bit over a year, I have a couple of smaller adventures coming up.

In a few days I’ll be taking the day off to go to Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire with Tomas and his company. Many rides will be screamed on, and I certainly cannot wait to get in the water portion of the park. It’s been a mix of super humid and deathly hot, and thunderstorms haven’t been able to crack it. Ugh.

With school coming up I’m probably going to have to limit my adventures to just hiking around in the New England area as I slowly try and get back in shape. But pretty pictures will be taken and shared with you lovely guys.

I have two conventions that I am going to: Camp Anime in Connecticut and Another Anime Convention in New Hampshire. Suffice to say I am super excited. I’m going to be working Camp Anime as an intern videographer for Steam Funk Studios. Another Anime Con (AAC for short) I am going to with Tomas and my friends just for the pure nerdy pleasure! Pocky will be consumed, art with be ogled, and passion will be shared. I’m beyond excited for these events, and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you guys!

This is the event I’ll be “staffing.” Sort of. I’ll just be running around taking video!

Tony will also be coming along with me on these trips, so expect to get some new installments of Tony’s Travels!

For now he’s just relaxing with another cup of cocoa (didn’t think that the greatest superhero alive would have a chocolate weakness, didja?!)

Last but not least I’ve gotten some great ideas for travel advice, and I’m planning a few Past Tides pieces. It’s getting pretty intense now!

Is there anything you guys would like to see me talk about? Leave a comment below!

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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3 thoughts on “Plans for the Future

  1. katemcmillanblogs

    Rats make great pets. I have a little girl named Ethelbert, and she’s honestly the most intelligent, well-trained, and affectionate pet I’ve ever owned. Sometimes I don’t want new people to judge me straight away for owning a rodent previously associated with the plague, so I tell them she’s a puppy. I’m sure they can’t even notice the difference. 🙂
    Looking forward to all the next adventures! They sound like loads of fun. And happy birthday!!

    • I absolutely ADORE my baby girls. Their names are Raine and Ikki (named after nerdy things of course! Bonus points if you can get the references). Raine is like a cat. She throws herself underneath you fingers because she loves rubs. She is kinda the spoiled favorite cause Ikki isn’t quite as friendly and loving, but she’s still super sweet.
      Thank you for the birthday wishes! I had a lot of fun, and gorged myself at an all you can eat steak house… Dear LORD was it fantastic.

      • katemcmillanblogs

        Hahaha, Ethel does that cat thing too, then she curls up in your lap and goes to sleep. They really are cute little creatures. And not a clue where the names come from I’m afraid! So no bonus points for me. Ikki sounds Japanese though. 🙂 I’m going to go have dinner now. This talk of steak house has made me hungry. Later! 😀

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