An Insight Into A Steampunker’s Mind

My name is Viviana Ayre, and I welcome you to this blog!

So buried in the stress bucket that is work, college, and exams, I decided that I needed to begin writing again. So this is my attempt at pushing myself to focus on a project. I won’t lie, I’m a rather half-assed writer. I rarely finish any work unless there is a due-date for a class. So I figure I’ll make something public, and if I am so fortunate as to get fans, I hope to have the support I need to get my mind 100% back into what I love.

Serious message aside, I feel obliged to introduce you to my blog.

You see, I am a mere twenty years old and have already been to seven countries (all before I was eighteen), and all over America. I love to travel, and I LOVE to write about it. In my travels as a female nerdlet (I wear my geekdom with pride!) I have seen more in my twenty years than some have seen in double. I am intrigued by cultural interactions, new foods, natural sights, and of course traditions! It is my desire to share my excitement with you.

So it is here where I will post vignettes about different aspects and occurrences in my travels, including food, any crazy people, and of course I will try my best to portray the atmosphere that you are sucked into in these places.

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