My Travel Bucket List

I may have a few different bucket lists that cover a variety of topics. Honestly trying to moosh them all together is nearly impossible. I am ADD, and forgetful, so I know I’d forget some of the most important ones! And since this is a journal of my adventures in the world, it seems appropriate that here is a good places to show my dreams off to the world.

There is no particular order to this list, and I may will update this over time.

Travel Bucket List

Go to Japan (just in general)

Experience the Sakura festival in Japan

Explore Brazil during Carneval

Take the stage at the Collesium

Give Paris a second chance

Share a cup of java in Fiji

See the pyramids of Egypt

Try another cup of java!

Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

Revisit the St. Louis Zoo that I went to as a child

Backpack in the Outback

Participate in a tea ceremony

Take a safari jeep through the Garden of Eden in Tanzania

Watch the sunrise atop Mount Fuji

Visit the Australia Zoo to see the kind of place my mentor- Steve Irwin- had created in his amazing, selfless life

Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

Expand on my love for Disney in Tokyo Disneyland


15 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List

  1. Brazil the Mardi Gras is on my bucket list too. But what made me laugh was “give Paris a second chance” 🙂

    • I suppose that I will have to explain my dislike for Paris France in my next post about my past adventures. My day there was… less than satisfactory, but makes for a great story. xD

      • Hahaha oh, please, don’t feel you have to explain. On my end, it was amusing to me because while I don’t necessarily dislike the place, I really didn’t fall in love with it, like I thought I would 🙂 such is life huh?

      • I made the mistake of going on a Tuesday….

  2. Ok… I don’t exactly know what that means 🙂 but I’m pretty sure there’s an interesting story behind it!

  3. I spent over two weeks in Paris backpacking and using couchsurfing – I loved the history, but it too didn’t really thrill me, loads of people say they love living there, but meh. I have a few funny stories on my blog of Paris as well, check me out.

    I enjoy your blog and think your bucket list is kick a$$ 🙂 !!!

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