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Why You Should Always Try New Things

December of 2012, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

I was recently watching a BBC show called “An Idiot Abroad”

. Essentially they take a middle aged “boring” man who had never left England (not even to go the rest of the UK!) and they send him around the world to do tasks that occur on most people’s bucket lists, mostly involving some sort of travel. The episode I watched was, of course, about him going to Japan.


The aforementioned Idiot is Karl in the middle.

The aforementioned Idiot is Karl in the middle.

The bucket list event was to climb Mt. Fuji. But along the way he did other tasks such as sumo wrestled, tried three year old fish (I won’t lie, I couldn’t do it considering my lack of fondness for fish), and play with robots. What baffled me about this man is that he hated pretty much every minute of it. Every minute! My dad got a laugh out of it because the entire episode I was yelling at the television screen to let me do it, because I would have had a blast!

I am always looking to try new activities. For example, just the other day my friend and I decided to wander into a shwarma shop because we had never had shwarma before and thanks to the movie Avengers we were intrigued and wanted to try it. But while we were in there, we found a ton of little food items that we’d never seen or tried before! So we decided to go all out. I, for the first time, tried Turkish Delight!

I don't know how you capture the flavor of rose... but it was so delicious!

I don’t know how you capture the flavor of rose… but it was so delicious!

It was delicious. Along with our shwarma wraps (filled with hummus, pickles, lettuce, and beets) we had two drinks we’d never tried. I picked out a blood orange pomegranate juice blend, and he tried a sour cherry nectar drink.

The right is beef, the left is chicken.

The right is beef, the left is chicken.

I want to drink this every DAY!

I want to drink this every DAY!

Sour Cherry

For desert we were intrigued by these little donut hole-looking delights called galub jamun…


…We did not like it as much as the rest. Mainly because it was too sweet and gooey.

Nevertheless it got me thinking of that silly little BBC show I had watched and how much the “idiot” didn’t want to try new things.  As I said, the entire time the show was going on I was whimpering because I’d give an arm and a leg to do what that man got to do, and he fought against trying new things like his life depended on it. That astounds me even thinking about it now.

This is why I’m WWOOFing in Ireland, to get a really deep and cultural experience. I don’t just want to jump from monument to monument like some people. I want to get in there and live like the people live, and eat what they eat… Though maybe not organs. Haggis in one thing I will probably politely turn away, except have a single bite just to say I’ve had it. I oftentimes have regrets about the things I didn’t do on my first trip out of the country to the South Pacific because I was too scared to. I wish I’d tried more foods, and been more open to the people I’d met. I sought to change that for all the other countries I’ve been to, and I still strive to improve on myself to this day.

My main reason for writing this is to encourage all travelers to stray off the beaten path. Try different areas of new countries. Lots of people go to Paris, why not try the countryside? Have a unique story of your own, and inspire others to try new things. This is probably where I should do a Robert Frost reference, but I feel that clinched is a little overused when it comes to this subject.

Plus I live in New England. I heard his poems my whole life.

I hope my message has come across to you. And I hope those of you who enjoy stories of leaving the average adventure behind will join me as I share my experiences with you while working in Ireland.

Until My Next Adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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Time for a Backpack Upgrade!

July of 2012, Boot Size 10

My dear readers,

So as July comes to a close I find myself being hit with a huge cage of cabin fever. With my need to save up a ton of money for college, and having to pay for a cracked radiator, I haven’t been able to get out much this summer. And since I’m a huge travel blog reader, I’ve actually been sinking into a mild depression of sorts due to how stagnant my life is shifting into. But I’ve started to snap out of it, and with my birthday coming up, I’ve been planning how to fix my cabin fever.

As noted before, my birthday is coming up in about two weeks. My mother and I have a habit of finding cool things I like that she’ll nab for an early birthday present. In this case, she found my new travel day pack. And I’m in love.

Is it sensible? Not really. It’s definitely a day pack, and not good for a full blown backpacking-across-Europe trip. But for a casual traveling trip, it’s pretty awesome. I’ve already been using it  to go to and from work (it makes it easy to change after my shift and not look like I work there 😛 ). I’ve had it for about a week now, and I’m rather attached. I won’t wear it every time I travel, but definitely for my short little road trips I’ll be bringing it around.

Okay, about the backpack itself. It’s an Avengers backpack. Yeah. It’s that awesome. There is one main pocket for my notebooks and/or clothes, and a front pocket for knick-knacks. Then on each side is a water bottle holder. Considering my need to drink a lot (of water I promise!) it’s really helpful. Though I’m thinking one of those drink pockets will turn out to be Tony’s travel pocket so he can see all the sites with me.

Now, whenever I go on an adventure, there are items that are always in my backpack of awesome. Whether I’m running to work or running to the airport, you’ll more of then not find these in my bag (it’s a weird day when I forget them).

Take a look at that awesome. Just… Take it in.

Included here is:

  • Avengers backpack
  • My mini Avenger water bottle (Though surprisingly it got hidden in the shot)
  • Writing utensils (pen, pencil, and Sharpie!)
  • Wallet
  • iPhone with earphones
  • Either my Spiderman journal for conventions, or my green tribal journal for travel
  • My DS, currently loaded with Pokemon Soul Silver and a container of extra games
  • Lip balm
  • Gum (sometimes I run out, but when I have it I gotta keep in with me)
  • Gotta have the goggles!

Yeah… It’s coming to be really obvious how much I’m letting out my inner geek. But ya know? Every traveler has their quirk, and my is my unabashed love for comics and games. Now I’m off to take Tony to the park for some R+R, walking, and flag work (I still practice colorguard. If you haven’t heard of it… well… look it up).

What do you guys always bring around with you? Do you have a favorite travel bag?

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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