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I Own Plane Tickets Now!

February of 2013, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

Oh my goodness…. Oooooooh my gooooodness!!!!

I’m going to Ireland!

Of course I already told you guys that but it’s really, really official now!!!! I actually have a flight purchased and everything!

Depart:   Boston, MA  (BOS) Shannon, Ireland  (SNN)
Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Flight #/ Carrier Depart Arrive Travel time Meal Aircraft Cabin Seats
722    06:30 PM  BOS 08:05 PM  PHL 1h 35m A319 Coach 5E
Stop: Change plane in Philadelphia, PA   (PHL)
776    09:05 PM  PHL 08:40 AM  SNN 6h 35m Dinner 757-200 Coach 20F
  • Flight # 776 : Arrives next day, Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Return:   Shannon, Ireland  (SNN) Boston, MA  (BOS)
Date: Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flight #/ Carrier Depart Arrive Travel time Meal Aircraft Cabin Seats
777    11:35 AM  SNN 02:05 PM  PHL 7h 30m Lunch 757-200 Coach 20F
Stop: Change plane in Philadelphia, PA   (PHL)
723    03:15 PM  PHL 04:29 PM  BOS 1h 14m A319 Coach 5E

DO you see? DO YOU SEE?! Ermehgerd I’m really going to Ireland for a month. I can’t even describe how excited I am to be me right now. I have my farm, my wellies, and now my plane tickets to Ireland! I’m currently getting more information about what I will be doing on the farm, and when I will have days off to explore this beautiful country.

As a note I’ll most likely start up a daily vlog while I’m there in order to let my loved ones know how my life is going over there. And of course I love all my readers, so you’re all invited to watch! I’ll post more information on that when it gets closer to the actual date of me leaving.

Let me know what you guys want to know about Ireland!

Until my Next Adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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Anime Boston 2012 ~ How We Survived

April of 2012, Boot Size 10/11

My dear readers,

Wow. Despite trying to get you guys some posts during Anime Boston, I found myself mobbed by the fantastic-ness of it all. I managed to list to you one pro and one con of the… well, con. But now it is only fair that I tell you about the entire experience and include some tips.

Tomas and I were ready to leave at nine in the morning, eagerly taking off in order to make it to Panda’s dorm in time. One huge advantage is that Panda lives right now the road from the convention, eliminating the cost of hotels, and including a bit of exercise! After driving around the confusing one-way roads we managed to get to her dorm, and she helped us cart up our suitcases and bag of food.

Tip #1: Bring as much of your own food as possible. Con food is often way over priced and not all the healthy. Bring non-perishable fruits, breakfast bars, and if you have a mini fridge bring some things like lunch meats and cheese for sandwiches. So instead of paying twenty dollars for one meal, you can pay twenty dollars and have food for the entire weekend. Being a starving college student, I prefer this method.

Once Tomas and I had gotten settled, we garbed up in our first cosplay of the day: Team Rocket. With my newly cut hair (the day before I had cut my hair for the first time since the third grade) I decked out in my black dress and my snazzy, pin-laden hat, accessorized with Team Rocket paraphernalia. Panda had donned a black dress and sexy fedora and similar accessories. Tomas went with the mob boss look, with a fancy hat, impressive black coat, and cane (he loves that cane). Overall, we looked pretty damn awesome.

Panda and I, posing for the first pic of the day!

I did not take this picture. With permission I borrowed this from Panda's friend, Cassandra, who is dressed as Ash. That said, we were so going to get Pikachu that day!

Our first panel was how to have a safe cosplay fight. Our panel leader was a professional stage fight since he was thirteen, and he and his partner were amazing. In learning certain moves, you also learned how wrestlers do their little tricks. Panda and I were a little to giggly to look like we were really fighting, but we knew the basics, and with that we know we’ll be able to practice when Tomas isn’t pointing a camera at us the entire time. 😉

How to choke without choking

After that panel we decided exploration was necessary. We spent a lot of time in the vendors area looking at all the wonderful nerdy items. That said, we never got to many other panels, other than a very boring fabrics panel that we left after about ten minutes. Panda is a fashion design major, she knew all this stuff; we has thought the panel was going to have advice on how to find fabrics for those tricky cosplays. It… didn’t. SO instead we wandered the halls, met friends, and took pictures.

Saturday is the main day for the convention, so I went all out to showcase my first official, complex-ish cosplay: Suki from Avatar the last Airbender. I now leave it in your hands, how well do you think I pulled it off?

So this is Suki from the TV Show...

How do I match up?

I found a fellow Suki!

I had a few choice words with Miss Azula after she knocked me out and threw me into a prison...

I won’t lie, I was super proud. This cosplay was the reason for my drastic haircut, and I think it came out great (still, opinions would be loved!). I was tickled pink at the number of times people stopped to ask for pictures. Last year I was stopping people to get pictures, this year it was my turn. J

We managed to get to Artist’s Alley, which is where I lost most of my money. Honestly artist’s alley is the best place to spend one’s money, because it helps support local people and they often have great little deals, and sexy art. I got little tags, Tomas bought me a poster of Gaara (which he still has so I am currently Gaara-less), we bought buttons galore, and I couldn’t help getting a sexy Christmas shot for Sakura, Hinata, and Ino from Naruto (it was only a dollar, I mean… how could I not?!).

Best. Zombie. EVER!!!

I will state that the best part of Anime Boston is meeting new people. In Artist’s Alley we met a bunch of amazing artists who were super friendly and always willing to give advice to the lovely Panda. We also met a ton of old friends, made new ones, and overall had a blast.

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid of meeting new people. Most Anime Boston con go-ers are super friendly! I for one went around and hugged all my favorite characters like Iron Man and Kenshin.

Tip #3: Please follow the 5-2-1 rule! Five hours of sleep, two meals, and one shower every day! I personally eat more, but if you’re going around a lot and don’t have blood sugar issues, then two meals is better than one. And please… shower. As I mention, thankfully this year con-stench was down, but we cannot give up the fight for basic human cleanliness!

Sunday is the best day to make your purchases. Most vendors have an end-of-con sale as they try and sell as much merchandise as possibly. With this in mind I finally completed my Black Bird and Spice and Wolfe collecting! I am now current and have no need to find an old issues! Now if only I could get my hands on the three-in-ones for Kenshin and InuYasha… That’ll take some doing. Decked out as Misty I spent every dollar I had.

Tip #4: BRING CASH! One, it can help stop you from going over your budget Two, you can avoid Mass taxes. Credit cards get charged tax while when going with cash it’s “included!” This can save you a lot of money and tears when you realize you put yourself in debt from buying too many awesome thing. 😉

By the end of the con, all three of us were tired, but very happy. We have already begun plotting for Anime Boston 2013, May twenty fourth through the twenty sixth. Needless to say, we are super excited and have tons of cosplay and skit ideas. Plus with over a year of time, I think we’ll be a lot more organized.

Tip #5: Have fun. Honestly because if you’re getting stressed out by a convention, you’re doing it wrong.

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

P.S. Please check out Panda’s work, she’s aspiring to be able to make cosplays for people. Plus her art is amazing!

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Getting Ready for Anime Boston 2012

March of 2012, Boot Size 10/11

My dear readers,

You may have noticed the little countdown that I have thrown up on the side of my little blog. To those not versed in the geeky ways, this is a countdown to the famous convention Anime Boston, which I am attending this year. And oh my goodness IT’S IN EIGHT DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

I guess the first aspect to attend to is my love for anime in manga. Of course my interest in Japanese culture manifested before I even knew about the craze that now, in our modern day, is much more common (though not necessarily socially popular). I did not pick up my first manga until middle school. And my first ever manga was the infamous InuYasha.

Despite it's faults, I still love this series. ❤

InuYasha is not the best manga, and yes it holds the same flaw that many shounen manga have; it could have been a little less drawn out. But I was hooked to the series as a child, and I will always love it. Feudal Japan, school girls, demons, and a sexy white-haired and dog-eared half demon (known as a hanyou)? Yes please, and make it a double! I’m slowly working on owning it and other manga series for myself, seeing as I am a recovering addict of free scanlations of manga (I have much more respect for authors now, and try my best to buy their work). Once InuYasha was in my life, I was hooked to anime and manga. I obssessed over it. Thankfully after abstaining for about six months when I decided to stop reading and watching for a while in high school, I am finally able to control my rampant need to read and I now allow myself to be nerdy in other ways. But I still love manga, Japan, and (almost) everything involved! And this includes cosplay.

This is my best friend in the entire world, Panda, who has graciously allowed me to use this picture to show off how gorgeous she is in this partial shot of her as Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender. She is a fashion design student, and also an amazing artist! Check out her DA if you like.

These complete strangers I snapped a pic of are cosplaying (starting from the left) the Kazekage Gaara, Naruto, Sasuke, and Ino. All from Naruto.

Yes, cosplay. The hobby and/or lifestyle of dressing up as your favorite character from an anime, manga, sci fi show/book/film, movies, and more. I am a novice, this year being my first official cosplay as real characters from a show. I’ve spent a lot of time planning this with my best friend in the entire world and soul sister, Panda (if you didn’t realize, I’ve changed names including my own in order to protect certain privacy’s). This girl is my Brazilian twin and partner in crime, having been crafted from perfection. She is also known as Leila, though in anime/nerdy situations I will be calling her Panda since this will involve her work AS Panda. I absolutely love her to pieces, and we are attending Anime Boston together!

She is also the most amazing person in that, as a fashion design student, she is making my cosplay for the main convention day! With that said, I have to give her some credits here, so please check out her work as she slowly works her way into a great cosplay creator and artist:

Anyways. So we have planned each of our days as far as our cosplays. Friday we are going as members of the nefariously useless Team Rocket! Each with our own little Pokemon to keep up company. Saturday is our big day in which I will be showing off Panda’s work; she will cosplay Katara and I will cosplay Suki from Avatar: the Last Airbender (this is an amazing show and you should watch it if you haven’t). Sunday, while I am not 100% sure about Panda, I know that I will be cosplaying post-epic-battle Misty from Pokemon. Why post-epic battle? Well the theme of the con this year is the apocalypse of course! So instead of a neat and clean Misty, I’ll be messed up and abused Misty! Rips in the tee-shirt and I especially look forward to throwing myself into the dirt for that authentic “roughed-up” look. I’m pretty sure Panda intends to be the Togepi to my Misty, but that isn’t confirmed since she has enough on her hands trying to get two cosplays done in a month when this is her first two big projects. If she actually gets a Togepi cosplay… I’ll worship her.

Now my last year my adventures at Anime Boston were rather tame. I made the mistake of not going in a group, and I didn’t have any real cosplays. Instead I trolled around in my steampunk-wear, which did get me stopped for pictures a few time (^////^). I went to a lot of panels, including one really LAME one in which I teamed up with my friend That Guy to troll the speaker (normally I do not condone trolling the speakers of a panel, but this guy was being a ridiculous whiner). Overall I enjoyed my stay, but I knew there was room for improvement.

  1. Go with a group. In this case it is Panda, my partner, and I.
  2. Have some cosplays ready. I’ve already listed them, I won’t repeat.
  3. Be pickier about panels. I don’t want to deal with another whiner. Honestly, it’s the 18+ panels that are the funniest, though I have a rather dirty mind, so…. Nah they’re still funnier half the time.
  4. Actually know what manga I need to get for the big Sunday sale.
  5. Actually buy an art piece to support local handy work! I think I’ll search for a Gaara or a Hinata one. ❤
  6. Photographs. Let myself out from behind the lens and capture my costumes and have some awesome poses prepared.
  7. Get in character and REMAIN in character! 😛

This was my outfit last year, made by my awesome mom because I can't sew... at all. I am dressed as myself, Viviana Ayre of the H.S. Chronos Aetherium.

With these goals and changes in mind, I think this will be an awesome weekend and I fully look forward to the crazy stories that I will be able to share with you. I will also take many pictures. While I intend to post some pictures, I will have even more on my Facebook page for Bootprints: (Yes, this is an obvious plea for people to like my Facebook page. It helps my poor, college-abused ego).

With eight days until this epic adventure begins, I’m being buried in school work as the semester is already coming towards the end (how the hell is this possible? I’m so used to school being done in June!!!!) and I’m also working and trying to get my cosplays ready as well as planning transport and such. I’ve gotten a ride down to the train station, so as to not pay for parking. I intend to stop at grocery store ahead of time and have healthy, cheaper snack and lunches to take along. There are confirmed plans of taking over a ramen shop 😉 . I have to pack. Oh goodness packing will be an adventure (*ahem* torturous act of doom) I am going to attempt another adventure report before Anime Boston, but I doubt that I will have the time to fit it in. But I will do my best!

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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