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Looking at the New Year

January of 2014, Boot Size 10

My dear readers,

2013 has been a true mix of ups and downs. While dealing with severe financial issues after my Ireland adventures, I have managed to havebsome truly wonderful memories in making new friends and seeing new places. College has been intense and life consuming and living with my wonderful life partner has been an adventure all on its own.

Nevertheless I can definitely say that this year wasn’t a loss. Sadly thanks the the final quarter of it I have no travel plans, but a lot of past experiences to write about, especially since I have access to all my old pictures again!

So this post isn’t about travels, but the cliché resolutions list I have decided on:

1. Read 100 books by the end of the year
2. Improve my diet which has fallen considerably thus causing my life to decline in quality
3. Get some good use out of my new bike once the snow melts and return to my old fitness level
4. Fix my financial situation to the point where I can be a tad more comforatable
4A. Start a tiny fund for new travels!
5. Get my flag work skills back up to par
6. Write blog posts more consistently about my travels

It is a small list, but hopefully realistic considering my workload. I absolutely love writing on here, even as small as this blog is. I love you guys and your likes and comments just send warm fuzzy feelings to my heart.

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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Breaking Ones Own Expectations

July of 2013, Welly Size 10

My Dear Readers,

I never expected for school to completely take over my life. Today I came upon my poor little blog and it needed some love. It’s literally been six months since my last post because I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I haven’t even been on WordPress! Well, I’m back baby, and better than ever!!!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m an extremely cautious person. I hate being in trouble, so I always try to learn all the proper manners, laws, and other important tid bits that others may not think of. And I don’t like to make unsafe, chance-y decisions. So when I got into a car with a New Yorker and two South Africans and drove around the Burren to the Cliffs of Moher I was absolutely astounded at myself.

In America you don’t hitchhike if you can help it. Rather untrustworthy of others in general, we are self reliant on getting from place to place unless it’s public transportation. This isn’t the same in Ireland; staying on the farm, everyone who wasn’t American talked casually about hitchhiking to different sites, and seemed surprised at my reluctance. Being a young female, there is an instilled fear of traveling in America. I think it’s from watching too many crime dramas.

So when I met the lovely New Yorker named Elena who offered to let me tag along with her and two South Africans named Cameron and Cameron as they drove around The Burren, I never expected to take them up on the offer. So I left Galway and began a whole new experience with complete strangers and managed to have an adventure that can never be compared.

We got on the road and once more the gorgeous expanse of Ireland just took my breath away. If you’ve never seen just the average view of Ireland, then you are missing out. Even living in New England which is very green and gorgeous, there is no green like Ireland green.  I mean…..


We made a few stops along the way…

Dungaire Castle

Dungaire Castle

Cameron and Cameron! And moi!!!

Cameron and Cameron! And moi!!!


To snap some truly amazing pictures…

DSC02415DSC02450DSC02498 DSC02360

We stopped at the beach!!! DSC02468DSC02480

I had no bathing suit… But that didn’t stop me.

The water was fantastic!

The water was fantastic!

Until we finally made it to the infamous Cliffs of Moher.

DSC02538Due to Ireland’s famously rainy weather, the fact that we made it to the Cliffs on an unbelievably gorgeous day was incredibly lucky. And I did not waste a single second. I’m only posting a few of the pictures I got to take, but believe me, I took at least a hundred.

DSC02541 DSC02545 DSC02553 DSC02576 DSC02579 DSC02591 DSC02593 DSC02614 DSC02621 DSC02625I even managed to face one of my most powerful fears: heights. I’ve never been a fan, especially of man-made heights. But the Cliffs definitely made me feel rather ill.  If you walk far enough you can reach an area of the Cliffs that doesn’t have suicide barriers  as you may have noticed in my previous pictures. Well, I managed to stick my head out over the sheer edge of the Cliff, and stayed there for several minutes. After rolling far enough away from the edge though, I promptly rolled up into a ball and had a panic attack. But afterwards I felt proud of what I had been able to do; I had faced one of my fears (though I still haven’t cracked it!). Believe me, if you want to give facing your fear of heights a go, the Cliffs of Moher is the place to do it.

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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Couperage Wine and Whiskey Bar

January of 2013, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

Two months back, I had a gathering with my internship with SteamFunk Studios. In order to add a bit of fun in, I asked my darling sister if she would like a visit, seeing as I has to drive to Harrisburg, which is about two hours from where she lives in Philadelphia. Considering how fantastic my relationship is with my sister, she jumped at the chance for us to hang out even if it was only for a night. With this is mind, my sister thought that it would be nice to introduce me to a bar with cheap but delicious food. And when I say cheap I mean cheap: five dollars per serving!

Couperage Wine and Whiskey Bar is a popular little place in Philadelphia that my sister goes to every Thursday with her friends for an evening of casual drink and snacking. I won’t lie, I have no idea what the average size of a bar is, but it was crowded and noisy, but no in an unfriendly way. It was alive and friendly, and despite being an underager (not quite twenty-one yet) who doesn’t like alcohol in the first place, I was quite charmed by the atmosphere. Then the food came around.

Each of these compact, nicely portions pub food snacks were five dollars each. My sister and I split three little plates: mac ‘n’ cheese, cheese steak fries, and a pulled pork slider with chips.


Mac ‘n’ cheese:

As far as mac ‘n’ cheese goes, this was actually kind of blah. I’m not sure what kind of cheese they used, but it wasn’t particularly strong, so it had a bland-ish flavor. But it wasn’t terrible! And I remind you, five dollars. And also I’m probably ruined taste-wise due my childhood addiction to Kraft…..

Curse you cheap American food….

IMG_2849Cheese-steak fries:

Holy crap are these the most delicious guilty pleasures I have ever tasty. I’m normally not one for french fries (not huge on potatoes), but this was quite possibly the most heavenly thing I’ve ever sunk my teeth into. The cheese was perfectly melty, the steak was delicious, and the fries just rounded off this perfect dish of delight. For five dollars. Seriously I can’t get over the fact that these were only five dollars.

IMG_2850Pulled Pork Slider with Chips:

You heard me right. Pulled. Pork. Slider. Totally better than your average hamburger or cheeseburger slider.  Seriously this was a teeny tiny basket of heaven. Add in those wonderfully thick cut potato chips that are perfectly salted and I felt like I was in snack nirvana.

There is nothing better than finding great deals on delicious food. If you are ever in the Philadelphia area and you’re looking for a place with good, cheap pub food and a variety of delicious drinks, check out Couperage Wine and Whiskey Bar. Their tasty little bites are absolutely phenomenal.

Until my Next Adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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Don’t Forget to Wear a Coat!

November of 2010, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

So, every trip has its screw up, and when I went to Guatemala for a few days to attend my uncle’s wedding, I made a minor mistake… I forgot to bring a real jacket.

Now, one might think, hey you’re in a tropical area, why worry about the lack of a proper jacket? That’s what I thought. But I was wrong. Boy was I incredibly wrong.

So here’s the story: My uncle’s wife is a native Guatemalan, and so they had two weddings. One was located in our home state for legality, the second was in Guatemala for his wife’s family. As bridesmaids, my sister and I manage to scrape together the funds to go for three days (a very touchy subject…. not something I’ll cover today). With our dresses and some traveling clothes, we set out for a country that had never really been on our list.

It took me three planes, my sister two; I had to fly to where my beloved sister lives so that we weren’t traveling alone. After that we flew down to South America, but had to take a smaller plane to Guatemala itself. It was the first time I’d ever boarded a plane by walking across tarmac (usually we have those little hallways straight to the door).

Our pilot boarding the plane

Our pilot boarding the plane

We arrived in Guatemala late afternoon early evening, and we went to dinner and check out our hotel. Our hotel that looked like it was enchanted…

Our bed with handmade textile blankets

Our bed with handmade textile blankets

The courtyard, complete with fountain

The courtyard, complete with fountain

This was the hallway. No joke.

This was the hallway. No joke.

Yeah, it was gorgeous. The food was amazing too. As a farming major, there’s just something about super fresh eggs that just makes your taste buds go to heaven… Man, were they yummy. Pair that with some re-friend beans (first time ever having them), fresh mango slices, bread, and fried plantains (swooning just thinking about them) and you have a very classy and beautifully presented breakfast. As a note, it’s hard to have coffee in America when you have coffee fresh from the number one farm in the world… I’m spoiled…


Anyways! My uncle’s wife and her family offered to take my sister around the sight seeing. What that meant was leaving the town we were in and driving two hours around some mountains to get to another city surrounded by volcanoes and a lake. I do apologize for the lack of names, but I never got the chance to get the names of the cities and mountains before family differences stopped me. Nevertheless, I cannot get over how beautiful it was to make our way through the windy mountains to a city that was completely isolated. The only way to get there was by the long windy road, or by boat.


We took pictures.


We ate new foods.

Fresh made in the restaurant, including the chips!

Fresh made in the restaurant, including the chips!

Some of them were yucky.

Banana curry soup... yuck

Banana curry soup… yuck

Nevertheless the most important thing I learned in Guatemala was the one thing that I forgot to pack.

Bring a proper jacket (a sweatshirt would work too).

I should explain my thought process. Guatemala has a very warm climate, so I brought a little navy blue jacket that didn’t button shut. This proved to be my undoing as I realized that we spent the majority of our time in the windy mountains. We also traveled across a very windy lake!

Note how it's a half jacket.... Also the adorable little turtle backpack I purchased

Note how it’s a half jacket…. Also the adorable little turtle backpack I purchased


Sometimes, yes, I took the coat off.

Sometimes, yes, I took the coat off.


Now yes, my arms were covered, but it was a half jacket that didn’t button/zip/attach at all. So all the lovely little breezes that whipped my hair straight up…


Were mildly uncomfortable!

I wish I’d remembered at least a sweatshirt to cover up with. Nevertheless it was a minor issue, just a small lesson to be learned. But make sure y’all remember your jackets before you leave the country!


Until my Next Adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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Why You Should Always Try New Things

December of 2012, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

I was recently watching a BBC show called “An Idiot Abroad”

. Essentially they take a middle aged “boring” man who had never left England (not even to go the rest of the UK!) and they send him around the world to do tasks that occur on most people’s bucket lists, mostly involving some sort of travel. The episode I watched was, of course, about him going to Japan.


The aforementioned Idiot is Karl in the middle.

The aforementioned Idiot is Karl in the middle.

The bucket list event was to climb Mt. Fuji. But along the way he did other tasks such as sumo wrestled, tried three year old fish (I won’t lie, I couldn’t do it considering my lack of fondness for fish), and play with robots. What baffled me about this man is that he hated pretty much every minute of it. Every minute! My dad got a laugh out of it because the entire episode I was yelling at the television screen to let me do it, because I would have had a blast!

I am always looking to try new activities. For example, just the other day my friend and I decided to wander into a shwarma shop because we had never had shwarma before and thanks to the movie Avengers we were intrigued and wanted to try it. But while we were in there, we found a ton of little food items that we’d never seen or tried before! So we decided to go all out. I, for the first time, tried Turkish Delight!

I don't know how you capture the flavor of rose... but it was so delicious!

I don’t know how you capture the flavor of rose… but it was so delicious!

It was delicious. Along with our shwarma wraps (filled with hummus, pickles, lettuce, and beets) we had two drinks we’d never tried. I picked out a blood orange pomegranate juice blend, and he tried a sour cherry nectar drink.

The right is beef, the left is chicken.

The right is beef, the left is chicken.

I want to drink this every DAY!

I want to drink this every DAY!

Sour Cherry

For desert we were intrigued by these little donut hole-looking delights called galub jamun…


…We did not like it as much as the rest. Mainly because it was too sweet and gooey.

Nevertheless it got me thinking of that silly little BBC show I had watched and how much the “idiot” didn’t want to try new things.  As I said, the entire time the show was going on I was whimpering because I’d give an arm and a leg to do what that man got to do, and he fought against trying new things like his life depended on it. That astounds me even thinking about it now.

This is why I’m WWOOFing in Ireland, to get a really deep and cultural experience. I don’t just want to jump from monument to monument like some people. I want to get in there and live like the people live, and eat what they eat… Though maybe not organs. Haggis in one thing I will probably politely turn away, except have a single bite just to say I’ve had it. I oftentimes have regrets about the things I didn’t do on my first trip out of the country to the South Pacific because I was too scared to. I wish I’d tried more foods, and been more open to the people I’d met. I sought to change that for all the other countries I’ve been to, and I still strive to improve on myself to this day.

My main reason for writing this is to encourage all travelers to stray off the beaten path. Try different areas of new countries. Lots of people go to Paris, why not try the countryside? Have a unique story of your own, and inspire others to try new things. This is probably where I should do a Robert Frost reference, but I feel that clinched is a little overused when it comes to this subject.

Plus I live in New England. I heard his poems my whole life.

I hope my message has come across to you. And I hope those of you who enjoy stories of leaving the average adventure behind will join me as I share my experiences with you while working in Ireland.

Until My Next Adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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Oh Holiday Seasons…

December of 2012, Boot Size 1

My dear readers,

The holiday seasons are always busy for me. With three families to celebrate with it can get rather hectic trying to spend time with everyone. Of course this means the attempts at day trips will most likely be impossible, but that will give me a chance to blog about some past travels again, something I haven’t had the time or the pictures for. With my harddrive of pictures back in working order I’ll be able to properly recount my traveling tales of old.

Nevertheless if you’d like I’d be willing to also talking about traveling products for you people shopping for gifts for those who love the open road. Remember, I love taking suggestions from you guys, and I’m willing to write about juuuuuust about anything.

So keep your chins up and be ready for some posts when my winter break begins! Next week is finals, then I’m free for about two months.

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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Tony’s Travels- AAC 2012

October of 2012, Boot Size 12

…. Oh, no, I don’t have an explanation for my absence  Take any combination of life, college, and been out traveling and that’s pretty much. If you want to know more about the everyday events of my life, I have a Facebook page and an Instagram (vivianaayre). It’s easier to be active there.  Anyways, on with the story!

Not long ago, Tony and I ventured up to New Hampshire to attend Another Anime Convention 2012 to have a truly nerdy time. During our time there, Tony met some pretty awesome people, and saw some cool cosplays.

First he chilled with some Narutards and one adorable little Kayleigh (from Firefly) cosplayer.

Then he helped out Misa on Wheels, New Englands favorite cosplayer on wheels, with her wheelchair. For some reason she wouldn’t let him install rockets. 

Check out Misa on Wheel‘s Facebook page! She’s an inspiration for all

Next was a trip to a Brentalfloss concert

Next Tony demanded to see some lady cosplayers. The pervert!

After harassing the ladies, security decided to have a word with him… but Tony has that kind of charm that just draws you in.

Overall both Tony and I had a blast with all nerds, sharing our love for anime and and good times with the rest of New England.

Until our Next Adventure,

Viviana Ayre and Tony

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Plans for the Future

August of 2012, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

So my birthday has come and gone, and I’ve realized that yet again I have neglected my poor boots. With my constant working and only having time to visit Tomas and our girls (we have two rats together), I’ve been kind of brain dead. It’s been hard to be inspired when you go to the same part time job all the time and barely make any money. I haven’t had the funds to really go anywhere interesting, and it’s been getting me down. But I refuse to let it keep me down, so here I go! I’m back! And here are some ideas as the where my boots are taking me.

For one, and most importantly to me, the trip to Disney is back on! January of 2014, Tomas and I have decided it’s a good time to travel to the happiest place on Earth. Another one of my friends has guaranteed her accompaniment, and let’s just say I can feel the excitement growing! By the time we get there the new Fantasyland will be complete, including the Beauty and Beast restaurant which I’m kind of excited for. I will definitely post more about it as our plans progress, and I hope you guys will get excited with me because as I’ve said, I absolutely adore Disney World. And yes, I will add to my collection of hugging-a-palm-tree pictures!

Is it odd that while going through what few pictures I have access to, I freaked out screaming “My Uggo Shoes!” because those shoes have been missing for forever when I saw this picture?

Now aside from that big trip coming up in a tad bit over a year, I have a couple of smaller adventures coming up.

In a few days I’ll be taking the day off to go to Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire with Tomas and his company. Many rides will be screamed on, and I certainly cannot wait to get in the water portion of the park. It’s been a mix of super humid and deathly hot, and thunderstorms haven’t been able to crack it. Ugh.

With school coming up I’m probably going to have to limit my adventures to just hiking around in the New England area as I slowly try and get back in shape. But pretty pictures will be taken and shared with you lovely guys.

I have two conventions that I am going to: Camp Anime in Connecticut and Another Anime Convention in New Hampshire. Suffice to say I am super excited. I’m going to be working Camp Anime as an intern videographer for Steam Funk Studios. Another Anime Con (AAC for short) I am going to with Tomas and my friends just for the pure nerdy pleasure! Pocky will be consumed, art with be ogled, and passion will be shared. I’m beyond excited for these events, and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you guys!

This is the event I’ll be “staffing.” Sort of. I’ll just be running around taking video!

Tony will also be coming along with me on these trips, so expect to get some new installments of Tony’s Travels!

For now he’s just relaxing with another cup of cocoa (didn’t think that the greatest superhero alive would have a chocolate weakness, didja?!)

Last but not least I’ve gotten some great ideas for travel advice, and I’m planning a few Past Tides pieces. It’s getting pretty intense now!

Is there anything you guys would like to see me talk about? Leave a comment below!

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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On Packing

July of 2015, Boot Size 10

My dear readers,

When it comes to blogs I spend most of my time on the “Blogs I Follow” and “Travel” readers. Because of this I’ve discovered tons of new places in other countries and in America that I desire to explore. I also see a lot of fashion and packing blogs that advise the inexperienced as well as the experienced how to travel light and easy. The most recent packing one I read was Squeaky Robot’s Guide to Packing Light, and (Bad) Travel Advice: The Ten Stages of Packing. These aren’t huge ones that I’ve read before, just the most recent that I thought were either humorous or helpful. Personally I like to advertise some of the smaller blogs, since I am one, and we need the love! There are countless blogs tell you how to pack, giving several obvious pieces of advice and then some unique ones you may not have thought of.

As a woman, more specifically a young woman, I’m rather proud that I’m a light packer compared to most of my gender. I remember sniggering at my mother who, for a weekend long convention, had a huge jam-packed suitcase while I was there with a backpack and big floppy purse. The only reason I needed my big purse was because I had to bring my camera and technology with me. Yes, I brought a little extra on the clothing side, but hey it was a Steampunk convention, focusing a lot on clothing and accessories. For Anime Boston, Tomas and I would have been able to fit all of our stuff in one suitcase had we been able to combine out packing methods beforehand (we kinda met up, promptly slept, and THEN left for the con).

I’ve never had a problem with not wearing what I bring along, save for my People to People trips, where I mistakenly listened to their packing instructions. I ended up bringing clothes I didn’t want to where in the first place. But other than that? I usually only bring what I need, plus one spare set of clothes to cover an emergency drink spill or rain storm.

But the more a read these blogs about how to pack simple the more conflicted I get. As a proud geek, I have a ton of geek related accessories and- more importantly- clothes. I spend the majority of my down time in Marvel tee-shirts and tank tops. This kinda goes against one of the most common pieces of advice to travel light: wear layer-able clothes.

It’s really hard to have simple clothes when in general I don’t OWN simple clothes. I like showing off my geekery and I don’t let travel stop me. For example, I spent my time in the White Mountains being awesome and wearing my delicious looking Iron Man 2 shirt! I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

How do I compensate for not having layerable clothing? I bring laundry soap and wash my clothes in the sink or tub. It’s that easy. Seriously you get to wear your favorite clothes, and not stink like sweat. And if you want to avoid overpaying on premade laundry packets, you can just make your own! Seriously, it’s easy. Heck if you get a small 3 oz. bottle and fill it with your usual detergent (I’m of course talking about liquid detergent). In a sink it takes two to three drops of liquid detergent to get a sudsy water going. Then add dirty clothes and have a good time!

When I went to Japan my leaders had told up over and over that washing your clothes and hanging them to dry wouldn’t work due to the humidity that is killed during the Japanese summer. This was not quite true. You see, if you’re staying in a hotel like we were, they usually have air conditioning which gets rid of the humidity problem. While I’m glad I didn’t bring my heavy jeans, I would have liked to have brought the pants and other clothes that I LIKE to wear, rather than have been forced to go out and purchase clothes I didn’t particularly like. More often than not I just wore my two fun shirts that I brought along and washed them every night.

Other than that I prefer to bring along a few extra items like my journal, Tony, an unhealthy number of writing utensils, my camera, and usually a paperback book of varying awesomeness. Then depending on what I’m going to be doing I add a few items to my list like a water bottle, hat (though I love my Avengers baseball cap and wear it often no matter what), my knee brace, solid lotion, winter wear, and more.

Granted for situations like backpacking, yeah maybe I should pack smarter and have easier to get around… But I’m gonna stick with what I do because it works for me. And that’s what matters. You should pack the way that makes you comfortable. For me I like to keep calm and geek on!

My other problem is that I never prepare to pack in advance. I usually end up packing the night before or even the morning of! I’ve read that some people start prepping for an adventure weeks to months ahead of time. I do that… for planning what I’m going to do… I just cannot do the being 99% packed a week before my trip thing. Seriously, if I try to I wig out and everything gets put away again. The most I can do is have a little pile of clothes that I know I’ll be bringing set aside but still accessible.

This means that the night before or morning of my trip is spent acting like a spooked chicken. I literally end up running back and forth between the bathroom and my bedroom, throwing stuff into my suitcase/backpack with no consideration for order or room. My advice is to stay out of my way unless you want to end up on the floor or with a knee in your liver.

The whole time I’m doing this, I of course curse myself for not packing in advance. I could have had half of this stuff done and I wouldn’t need to worry like I am right then and there. But I know, deep in my heart, that I’m not going to change. I’ll always be a last minute packer, and it keeps me in my comfort zone. I accept my reckless decision, though I don’t always enjoy it.

So how do you guys pack? Heavy and in advance? Light and last minute?

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

P.S. I would like to note that I’m having picture editing issues. That combined with my limited access TO my pictures (broken cord to my external hard drive which is where I keep them) and that is why I have not been posting as many pictures. I hope to get this fixed soon!

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How Disney World Almost Killed Me

November of 1996, Boot Size 4… Maybe

If you guys are just joining, then I will explain very quickly that I absolutely adore Disney World. I am a huge child at heart (despite technically still being young and to some still a child) and Disney knows how to wrench that child out and give is lollipop infused with speed. I go nuts. If you want to see a better example of my excitement over Disney, then you should read The Ball the Ball, I see the Ball! That has a pretty good explanation as to why I love the happiest place on Earth so much.

*gasp* No glasses! I won’t lie, I was rather adorable, despite my questionable fashion choices.

Nevertheless there are some times were Disney and I have had a few arguments. Like the time when Disney tried to kill me. I wasn’t all that thrilled when that happened.

Now that I got the dramatics out, it was mostly my fault that I almost died while in Disney. We’re going back in time, when I was four or five… some age around that bracket. The setting is the Epcot theme park. The ride? The Bill Nye the Science Guy Ride (okay, in reality is Ellen’s Energy Adventure… but I love Bill Nye).

Now the ride itself is a forty five minute ride, which means waiting in line can take a while. But back then it was a ride I loved (despite having dinosaurs in it) and so the family and I popped into line to wait.

I got bored… Very quickly.

Of course I have ADD and major energy reserves, and back then I had a lot less self control (what’s that?). So after about ten minutes I was bored and wanted something to do. So what did I do? Use my imagination dude! You see, back before internet, TV, and portable video games were around, kids generally had to amuse themselves with their imagination. My parents didn’t have an iPhone or a DS to hand off to me to melt my brains. No. I used my hyperactive four/five year old brain and made up my own games.

So I just started to run around, looking at the different sculpted bushes that are all around Epcot. Plus doing the generally kid thing of running around like an idiot. Now, you know those stanchions that keep you in line while waiting in line?

Yeah, the ropes that string between the poles hung right at the level of my five-year-old throat.

Running around at full speed I met the rope in a full on clothesline. I hit the ground, bashing the back of my head into the cement. My parents promptly freaked out, but were relieved by my next actions.

I screamed my little head off.

Some may be confused. Why is screaming a good thing? Well my dear if you are not aware, if I had not screamed there was a high chance I would not have survived. I had hit the rope hard enough my parents were terrified that I had crushed my throat, which is very much deadly, and if my throat had been crushed it is highly likely that I would not have survived.

I will not lie I don’t really remember the pain anymore. But I can imagine that it hurt. A lot. I mean, clothesline to the throat followed by concrete to the head is not something you can just shake off. Thankfully I survived, and here I have to give huge credit to the workers there. Despite the fact that my parents were not going to try and sue/blame the Disney cast for my idiotic mistake, they were quick and responsive to make sure i was okay. And for all that pain I was given a Bill Nye science kit, which was pretty awesome.

Totally worth the pain, but I have no intention to repeat my actions, and I don’t suggest you mimic me.

Until my Next Adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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