I’ve Been Bad

January of 2013, Boot Size Shamed

My Dear Readers,

So… I’ve been bad again. I totally intended to update over a week ago for the new year, but life decided to get in the way. Then I spent the lat four days playing games when I should have been writing.

Damn you gamer me! Stopping me from being productive.

Now that I have my extreme need to stay in my room out of my system for the next month or so, I’m ready to pop out to the gym and burn off all the chips I’ve been eating, but I felt the extreme need to tell you guys what’s going on! I’m also going to try and work out a schedule to get myself to write more consistently. Maybe theme days… I’m good at follow theme days.

Anyways, to give you an update on my travels, a few things have changed.

Closest trip first: Ireland!

Well, not much has changed but my Dad and I are getting excited because the air flight sales for period of time I’m leaving is inching up. So soon I will have tickets, and confirmed times as to when I’m leaving for the the best farmland I’ve ever seen.

The next big trip along the line is Disney World. Two more of my awesome friends have expressed interest in coming along, bring the grand total up to five. The best part is that one of them has the ability to get us cheaper passes into the park. Definitely thrilled about saving money.

Last but not least I have a potential trip that I’m not quite sure if I’ll be able to go on: Brazil. My best friend slash soul sister’s family invited my partner and I to go to Brazil with them during the summer of 2014. Now this is not a confirmed because Tomas and I are still trying to figure out where we are going to be that summer and how much money we will have at that point.

So those are the major updates! Now on the technology side, I have a new laptop! My partner got me a tricked out gaming laptop for Christmas so I can actually use editing software to get pictures up. And to playing Sims 3…. That game is crack. On the other hand, I still don’t have a camera, so I’m still relying my iPhone for sharing my travels with you.

I hope you guys are having a lovely winter, let me know what’s going on!

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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