My Farm Exists!!!

December of 2012, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

Well it’s time for a small update about the going-ons in my life and my upcoming Ireland trip!!! To get a little personal, December has been a kind of shitty month. A lot of horrible, personal things occurred within a very short amount of time, and I was getting really low. One of those items I can talk about is that my laptop is dead. D-E-D dead. Luckily I have a boyfriend who has lent me a better working laptop so I’m sorta back in the blogging business. But the laptop death was one of the tiny yucky things that were getting me down. Thankfully after so many bad things, one shining light did come through.

My dream farm contacted me looking for my help in Ireland!

Herb Gardens is owned (I assume) by the gentleman John Millane. As their profile states:

Herb gardens is an organic farm on a 30 acre site that we make a living from.we keep cows,ponys, horse,goats and different types of fowl and cats and dogs .Our main occupation is growing herbs and vegetables for the markets(Galway) and restaurants.the work will be [quite] varied and hopefully enjoyable.
we use compost toilets and a hot shower room that is outside the living quarters..As we make a living off the farm,we need people that do not mind working 7hrs a day,the work is mainly in the garden

My thoughts when I read the email and skimmed their profile were “yes, yes, yes, oh my god yes!” My goal is to gain a lot of skills about many different aspects of working on a farm, and here, my first offer, is a farm that has a little bit of everything!

Naturally I responded with a yes of course.

We’ve traded a few emails, mainly because they follow a vegetarian diet while I am a meat eater who avoids soy like the plague (dear people, soy has an active hormone that causes breast cancer. STOP EATING SOY!!!). So I made sure to address my concerns in which they explained that only our lunches would be vegetarian and they will provide meat in the trailer/home I will be living in.

Now, about what I’ll be squeezing in on the side: travel. Herb Garden is located just outside of Shannon, meaning that I will be close to the cliffs while near all the pubs I could ever desire. I’m a short bus ride from Shannon itself, meaning that I’ll definitely be doing some research into what I can do in the area (when only able to travel by bus!). Considering I’ll be working seven hours a day with an unknown number of days off, I guess I’ll be getting to know the nightlife rather well. Luckily I don’t drink so I won’t have to worry about hangovers. May need to invest in a few items from my Christmas gift list.

Stuff I’ve already purchased in anticipation of Ireland? More boots! Because boots are amazing. More specifically I bought Wellies, soon to be pictured, but it’s dark and I want to post this today rather than tomorrow with that whole end of the world thing happening. Wellies are those giant rubber boots you see when dealing with a lot of mud, and since Ireland gets a lot of rain, my first goal was to get some Wellies. They are adorable, and I’m super stoked to wear them during my stay.

With these facts in mind, I’d love some input from you lovely readers who have been to the Shannon area of Ireland. I love new ideas as to where to go! Leave some comments below.

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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3 thoughts on “My Farm Exists!!!

  1. Cecilia Long

    Wait. WHO bought the wellies?

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