Attack of the Tweeners

October of 2012, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

So as I had told you guys, I attended CampAnime as a performer a few weeks back. It took me a long… long, long while before I had the time to post about it (college is fun!) but here I am now, keyboard and candy at my disposal!

Now of course I have to state outright that I cannot reveal everything about my adventure, due to the fact that I work for Steam-Funk Studios, and I have to be quiet about company secrets and obviously I have to be polite about my experiences. Aside from that, I intend to dish about different aspects of attending a new con.

There’s the big thing about adorable little CampAnime. Honestly it is a brilliant idea: put a convention on a nice campground and increase the number of possible activities. The only downside to attending the con this year was it was a first time con with a first time con-head (the person who is essentially the boss of the convention). First time cons never run smoothly because let’s face it, it is the first time and they haven’t figured out what could go wrong yet. So a lot of this con was spent figuring out what can go right and what can go wrong. Such as crashing computers!

Three… crashed… computers… containing the registration lists. Which you need to get your pass and entry into your convention. Oh boy. I ended up spending an hour sitting around being ignored because I was a performer and not a casual attendee. So I waited for my boss to arrive and make some magic.

Overall opinion of the con given that it was a first time convention? It was very peaceful and relaxing, with a lot of fun activities to participate it such as archery and swimming. The panels were lacking, considering the company I work for had to cancel 2/3’s of our panels due to a lack of attendance. No, we don’t suck… We’re actually kinda funny! But sadly our panels were more on the informational and intelligent humor side of the panel world, and the highest population of the convention (tweeners) usually aren’t interested in learning how to be awesome and build nifty things quite at that point in life.

I was a tweener once, so I’m not knocking them. It is very common to see tweeners nowadays in the anime world. I call them tweeners, but they have another term: weebawoos. So that I don’t have to go into a long winded explanation as to what a weebawoo/tweener is, I have this lovely picture that I found on the delightful internet:

I like to believe that I belong in the first category which is an otaku. I love nerdy things; I am definitely proud of it, and it consumes a decent chunk of my conversations. But I also allow myself to have interests outside of my nerddom, instead of rejecting anything not related to anime, Doctor Who, or video games. Why else would I have a travel blog laced with my love for the geek?

Anyways, this convention consisted of mostly tweeners. They were more enthused by the physical activities like swimming, archery, water balloon battles, and some event involving watermelons. So thankfully this convention was spent relaxing and getting to know some of my coworkers and getting my character figured out, which was well needed since I didn’t know I was to be a performer until about a week before the convention.

So unfortunately I don’t have many wild and crazy stories that I can reveal to you guys since I spent most of it plotting a character and chatting, but I’ll show you a few picture highlights! As a note some of these photos are by Eric LaCore photography, which I have noted with each picture. Seriously, check them out they have awesome shots:

Me on Friday night doing some flagwork.
This picture was not taken by me but by Eric LaCore Photography. Check them out on Facebook!

My coworker and new friend Tony dressed up loosely as Rainbow Dash

Our cameraman, Louis!

Two awesome rings I bought at the event. ^_^

My more obvious steampunk outfit for the con
Again, credit goes to Eric LaCore photography! They’re awesome

My professionally taken picture of my Chinese dress
This photo was not taken by me, but again by Eric LaCore Photography

My boss, regaling us of his tales!

Overall it was a pretty good, relaxing weekend where we focused more on comradeship than on attending events.

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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