It’s Getting Closer!

August of 2012, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

So it is now only a few hours away from being a week until my adventure at Camp Anime begins. My new costume (properly known as a cosplay) has arrived, and I’m super excited. Granted, I have a feeling this trip is going to be very busy considering I’ve discovered that the company I’m interning as a videographer for is running about 50-70% of the panels.

….. Oh Boy I’m going to be busy.

Other possible complications that I won’t mention will also be difficult and I might have to enter an element I’m not sure I’m comfortable with. But hey, you only live once right?

I feel like the term YOLO is a good mentality in its core… but is severely misused. It’s sad really, because it can be such a good phrase to live by when you travel. New food? Try it! Because you only live once. And now that I have gotten my opinion on YOLO out, I can continue my thoughts on Camp Anime.

I’ll be taking off Friday morning to head off to Connecticut, sadly by myself, but I’ll be meeting up with the people I work for. It’s not going to be a super long drive, but I won’t lie, long drives alone are rather brain draining. Having no one to talk to and share the driving experience with is kind of a bummer, but hey, you take what you can take!

I’ll be staying in Connecticut from Friday until Sunday before I head back home to a work meeting that night (lucky timing, neh?). During that time I’ll be running from panels to panel, taking video, taking pictures, and dressing up in cosplay. The nerdlet in me is screaming in excitement, and I’ll be honest with you guys that my fingers are trembling as I type this.

Current events wise, I started college this week! A light load this semester with only three classes and only going to school Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday will help me immensely. Hopefully I’ll be able to bang out some more travel posts for you guys, because I have regained access to my fountain of pictures, and I’ve been getting a few ideas. Alas, ridiculous hours have kept me from my keyboard. But my workload has been lightened with college, so I’ll hopefully have some more time to write. I swear I have a few drafts brewing, but nothing solid quite yet that I’m going to be releasing to you guys quite yet. Until then I’ll be working hard for you guys!

Until my adventure begins next weekend!

Viviana Ayre

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