Tony’s Travels: White Mountains!

July of 2012, Boot Size 10

I introduced Tony to you all not long ago; well, it’s time for him to share his experiences when he joined my mother and I on a trek up to the White Mountains.

Our first stop was at DirtVentures ATV Rentals. Tony hitched a ride with me on my ATV

ATV-ing is a lot of fun, and very adrenaline pumping. But despite being an all-powerful superhero in a superior suit of armor, he made sure to wear his helmet. It was a little big though…

After ATV-ing for two hours we all decided to kick back and relax. Taking the lengthy jaunt up to our hotel, Tony learned how lovely bed and breakfasts can be. We had made reservations at the Jefferson Inn, a huge house with some of the nicest accommodations.

Some of the accommodations including a movie collection for families to enjoy, an all-access hammock, and a porch filled with comfy chairs with a view of the mountains. The best accommodation of all though was the unlimited, free hot chocolate and tea.

Oh and did I mention the marshmallows? Yeah we definitely indulged in like… five cups of that amazing stuff in the span of eight hours (two at night, three in the morning). TOny agrees that nothing is better than watching the sunrise over a warm cup of cocoa.

Tony’s opinion, along with mine, is that B&B’s are a very peaceful and enjoyable experience. Those who love travel should try a B&B out at least once. You will not be disappointed.

Until our next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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2 thoughts on “Tony’s Travels: White Mountains!

  1. Looks like fun! And I love B&B’s. So much character, awesome breakfasts, sometimes free afternoon wine/cheese or cookies, and usually about the same price as a hotel, anyway. In some countries, they’re cheaper! 🙂

    • Yeah the Jefferson Inn had fresh baked pastries in the afternoon, and possibly wine (though I wouldn’t know because I’m too young for teh booze). Both Tony and I adored the fancy-ness of this place.

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