My Adventures with DirtVentures!

June of 2012, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

So for those of you how have not liked my blog on Facebook… You missed out on some of the awesome pictures I took! It’s easy, there’s a little button right next to this story that you can click, and see ALL the pictures from my weekend gallivant! Yeah I’ll be posting some here, but I took a lot and thus can’t reasonably get them all up here. After all, I like to talk on here. Facebook is much easier to post picture on 🙂

Anyways so my mother decided to surprise me with a trip up to the mountain centered around a certain activity that she had been hiding from me until the day of the event.

We took off at around ten in the morning and drove straight up so that we would have time to stop for lunch. More about that later. Lunch digested, we took off to the centerpiece of our day: ATV-ing!!!!

DirtVentures ATV Rentals is an awesome business that gives you a very fun experience. For those who have no idea how to ride an ATV, have no fear! As a person who has never been on an ATV before, I was kinda nervous.

We rolled in at around one thirty to be greeted by the friendliest Bulgarian woman with two of the most adorable little girls I’ve ever seen. Seriously they were unbelievable precious. Nevertheless she informed us that the tour ahead of us was running late, which would delay us by about fifteen minutes. But we weren’t in a rush and had a lovely chat to fill the time. True to her word, about fifteen minutes after our scheduled time, our guide Mark and his group of five came rolling in.

Mark introduced himself and explained how the tour was going to work. We were going to start in the sand pit where we’d be trained on how to steer and maneuver safely without wiping out. For two women who have never been ATV-ing this was very comforting. He very simply explained the controls and how to keep one’s balance over rocky terrains and slopes. Then he took us down into the pits…

We started simple enough; driving in sandy circles with very mild bumps to adjust to keeping a steady speed and feel how to distribute our weight when turning. Then we had a small trainer bump that we had to lean forward and relax back to make sure to not flip the ATV. Once we got comfortable in the sand, Mark graduated us up to half-sand/half-dirt with much rockier terrain. Repeat this process except we graduated to steep slopes and how to properly go down a hill. Our final exam was taking us out of our comfort level and having us descend a steep slope absolutely covered in rocks which was a daunting, bumpy trip down.

I felt very comfortable on the ATV so when Mark asked if we wanted to start up the mountain. Now Mark was awesome, from a review point of view; he made the idea of RTV-ing up a mountain very exciting and yet not terrifying. Super friendly, and explains how to maneuver very simply and makes it super easy to do.

Going up the mountain itself was a gorgeous experience. It was so green and serene, it was fantastic. Mark took the journey slow and steady, and let us stop for breaks to relax and enjoy the scenery. The views were simply phenomenal. The road itself was bumpy and turbulent. Three days later and my hands are still sore from gripping the handles so tightly. But there’s a lot of power in these machines, and they powered up the mountain with ease.

To add onto how awesome Mark was? When a nasty blister on my Mom’s hand from the handlebars popped, he gave up his own gloves to help protect her. That is beyond exceptional service. He was so outstanding.

Final summation? DirtVentures was an awesome, fun time. Make sure you dress properly and bring gloves, but as long as you remember that, you’re golden. Excellent service and I highly suggest it. It’s a unique experience that should be done at least once.

This is Mark everyone. If you get him as your guide? You are guaranteed awesome

With that item off my bucket list, I’m really excited to tell you even more about my weekend gallivant.

If you wanna check them out, this is their website:

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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