Don’t Wait Last Minute to Pack!

June of 2012, Boot Size 10

My Dear Readers,

It’s t-minus three hours until my mother and I take off for a weekend trip to the White Mountains, and boy can it get exciting. I have a bad habit with packing on weekend trips…. it that I pack the day of the trip itself….


Honestly it’s a dumb idea. Granted, I have what I want to take planned out in my head and essentially just grab stuff out, but this still runs the risk of forgetting a LOT of potentially important items. Nevertheless this is what has happened, and I’m pretty sure I’m mostly packed. So with out further ado, I’m going to share with you my packing list that is going into my duffelbag and daypack.

Not everything is pictured here xDDDDD


  • Two pairs of shorts
  • Two pairs of pants
  • Socks (not pictured)
  • Undies! (not pictured ^_^)
  • Flippy floppies (not pictured)
  • Hiking boots
  • Casual sneakers (To defend… my boots are heavy and I might not want to weigh myself down)
  • Knee brace
  • Two tank tops
  • One t-shirt
  • One long-sleeve
  • Marvel fleece blanket of awesomeness
  • Bathing suit

Other stuff

  • Toiletries (includes stuff for teeth, hair, body, armpits, etc.)
  • Travel journal with pen
  • Book, namely Fool Moon of the Dresden Files series
  • Wallet
  • Tony (of course)
  • Snacks
  • Camera and all its needy accessories
  • Hat (sadly not my awesome hat, but my Team Rocket hat…. My Iron Man hat is still in the mail xDDDD)

So yeah, that’s what I’m bringing up to mountains. At least right now.  At the last minute I’ll probably add a couple billion little things that I won’t need but that I want to bring along. I may not be as bad of a packer as most women… but I’m quirky. Sometimes I like bring weird things. Like an umbrella hat! Which yes, I have one.

Now that I’m at the end of this post… It’s now t-minus two hours to departure, and I need to make a few finishing touches on my stuff. And breakfast… Gotta have the breakfast! Orange scone here I come!

My adventure begins soon,

Viviana Ayre

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