Appreciating the Small Stuff

June of 2012, Boot Size…. Wait…. I was wearing toe shoes!!!!

My dear readers,

So a midst my busy life of of working to save for school, conventions, and visiting Tomas, I have decided to change some aspects of my life. You see, I used to be an avid biker, but then I met the internet and we were swept into a passionate love affair. So my once muscle toned body fell into disrepair, and while I am lucky that I am naturally thin, I am now massively out of shape and have more fat (though well contained fat), than muscle. So when I decided to change my diet to alleviate my ADD (no more high fructose corn syrup since major studies in places like UCLA and such are coming out and saying HFCS aggravates ADD and ADHD), I decided to also get active again. And I started yesterday with a nice, brisk walk with my mother in our local park for an hour before my 7-3:30 work shift. During that trip I got some lovely pictures of the lake and the local goose families with my phone.

A bunch of geese and goslings! The goslings have gotten huge in the past couple weeks.

After my shift I stopped at my dad’s house to watch Legend of Korra before using his Kinect to do an exercise routine. Dear goddess my legs were burning a bit by the end after all the walking and standing from that day, so I kept it short and stayed with the tutorial before calling it quits. I broke a small sweat considering I spend most of my time hooked to a laptop when I’m not traveling, so I figure it’s a start. Add in my new diet choices and I’ve had a good start.

Well this morning the mother, Tony, and I decided to take another walk. This one was a little later in the day (started around seven) and I traded in my boots for my toe shoes in the hopes I could do some climbing. Well unfortunately my mother’s foot acted up so we stayed on the easy trails, but I got a few more pictures in.

You see, I have extreme issues working in a gym. I’m rather self conscious (thanks elementary school) and I don’t like other people creeping on my excercise. But taking walks in the park? Especially one with really awesome hiking trails? For me that is how I like to excercise. Because there is more to the work than just walking in place. I mean, which would you rather: running in one place with creepy people trying to look over your shoulders to see your burned calories, or walking though this?

Tony enjoyed the ride, since I found my old mini purple backpack. So that’s his place to chill when he’s not being a perv and riding in my shirt. We found the beaver dam, but no beaver sadly. Our music was the sound of bullfrogs croaking out a jazzy tune, which was pretty sweet. Hopefully we will get there early next time, and if we’re quiet we will be able to spot more wildlife. While boots keep your feet warmer, my toe shoes helped me walk a lot quieter considering I have a heavy step. So when I go for nature watching I’ll definitely wear them again.

Yes, I’m wearing my favorite sweatshirt, and Iron Man suit. Paired with yoga pants. I’d just woken up, sue me!

Tony was rather put out that the geese weren’t out today. But he loves lake scenery!

Now I’m just getting ready for a trip up north to the White Mountains this upcoming Tuesday/Wednesday! It’s a gift from my mother, and I’m pretty excited to go. I will definitely post pictures while I’m there.

Oh and did I mention we saw the cutest chipmunk ever?????

I love my phone’s camera…..

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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