My New Traveling Companion

June of 2012, Boot Size 10

My dear readers,

When my sister traveled independently for the first time, she had a little pink bunny oh-so-cleverly named… Pink Bunny. I’m sure it had another name, but I have no recollection as to what it was. When I went out of the country (aside from Canada) for the first time it was to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. And when I went, my sister lent me Pink Bunny to take with me and snap silly pictures with.


When I went to Japan, I want to start my own trend. My uncle and I had been exploring the streets of Portsmouth and we found a little wind up robot that was absolutely adorable. I named him KillRoy (if you know the reference, you get a cookie!). He was fun, but unfortunately Japan seemed too much for him, and he short circuited into retirement.

While scrolling around the travel section of WordPress, I stumbled upon the blog Meandering Around, which stars a stuffed purple hippo going on adventures. This reminded me of Pink Bunny and KillRoy and suddenly I was struck… I no longer have a travel companion. And that’s no fun.

So it got me thinking… Who could be my new travel companion? I kinda wanted to keep with the robot theme I had going for myself. Plus I’d love to incorporate my geekiness into it, considering I’m incredibly proud of my geek aspect; comic books, manga, anime… Almost everything nerd appeals to me.

That’s when I was reminded of a small buddy of mine. He’s not quite a robot, but he’s powered by a robot! He’s a hero who has saved millions of lives and jobs! Sure he’s a bit a player… and likes booze a little too much… But hey, everyone needs a vice!

Plus he’s played by Robert Downey Junior, the sexiest man alive.

Yeah, my travel buddy is going to be Iron Man Mark IV. Though since Iron Man Mark IV is way too long to type, I’m just gonna call him Tony. He is adorable.

If you hadn’t figured it out, I’m a giant Iron Man fan. I’m overly obsessed to the point where it might not be healthy. Anything Iron Man themed, I gotta have, to the point where I do spend the ludicrous amounts of money on the delicious Hot Toys that they put out for Iron Man. Plus I have as many articles of Iron Man clothing as possible.

It only makes sense that Tony will be my travel companion. He’s strong, reliable, and one of the best superheroes ever. So he will now accompany me on every adventure I take, whether in country or out of country.

Until my Next Adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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