So…. I’m on CNN

April of 2012, Boot Size 10 (I’ve kinda shrunk and equaled out to regularity!)

I exploded when I found out. Not long after my weekend of heaven in Boston, my best friend (known as Panda) texted me and then then called screaming that I was on CNN.

Now granted, it’s not from saving a child from a burning building, but apparently a CNN photographer had been at Anime Boston taking pictures. And out of the potential hundreds he took, he posted ten. AND I AM IN THE SECOND PICTURE!!!!

I couldn’t believe it. I screamed, cried, and tittered that my first ever cosplay ended up on a significant website. Someone I don’t even know loved my outfit and put it on the CNN website. I have calmed down since then, but suffice to say that little fifteen minutes of fame has made my life. I’m thrilled and super excited to return to Boston next year.

Without further ado, the link! As I said, I’m in picture number two.

As a note, I’m currently nearing finals week, hence my long absence. With finals and work, I do not have the time to write a good post, and I want to give you guys quality. Please have patience for the poor crippled college girl, I promise you a quality post.

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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One thought on “So…. I’m on CNN

  1. Wooooo hoooooo!!!! (And good luck with exams!!)

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