Anime Boston 2012 ~ Saturday

April of 2012, Boot Size 12

So as Panda, Tomas and I await for a plushie workshop to begin, I felt I needed to describe the past two days.

Saturday was by far the best despite a slow beginning, since my cosplay took three hours to get ready. So by noon, Tomas and I set out for the convention center. And let’s just say, my legs are rather sore from sinking into battle poses because I looked exactly like Suki. I was surprised and amazed, and I was super happy every time someone asked for a picture. Heck, I even had kids asking to pose with me. With that cosplay over (and makeup still sticking to my neck), I have tons of ideas for my next con AAC in Nashua to further perfect Suki. Tomorrow pictures will be posted of my full Suki cosplay, once I’m not stuck on an iPhone. for now I will do one one pro and one con of the… Con.

I was highly surprised by the lack of con-stench. Those who have been to conventions will know of what I speak of. Con-stench is created by those select men and women who do not believe in showers, and thus nearly kill those around them with a sweat soaked aroma that makes flowers wilt. This is amplified by small halls packed with many people; some that are dressed in fur cosplays.

On the downside we missed out on Masquerade which is one of the best parts of AB, but overall I had a blast. Panda and I have plans for a web comic and making buttons, and a million new cosplays for new conventions.

For now I must flee for plushies await!

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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