Alas, A Bump in the Road

February of 2012, Boot Size 10 (going with ten right now because it’s easier)

Greetings my viewers,

So… I’m afraid that with all good and exciting things in life, sometimes life itself can get in the way. I said that I planned to go to Disney. Well, that is now on hold as I am no longer sure I will be able to manage it. This is the reason for my lack of Sunday post (yes I know, I’m already a week late). This is because that post which I was about to post was all about my Disney trip plans. Well right before I did the final edit I got a message from my beloved best friend informing me that she couldn’t make it down. This meant only my partner and I would be pooling money together to pay for this journey, and unfortunately I cannot foresee this possible.

This is a natural occurrence in travel. Sometimes you desperately want to go somewhere, but life simply get in the way. Usually that crisis will involve money in some way, and yeah it sucks. But there will be more chances for me to venture to Disney, so I’ll keep my chin up until then. And since I’m not making a big journey in January, I’ll try for a few small ones over the summer.

I may be wrong, and I certainly hope that I’ll be able to bring that post I spent so much time on out of the back files, spruce it up, and show it off. But until my future is figured out I’m afraid there are no Disney plans. Again, this may change, but I am learning to not keep my hopes too high.

I will work swiftly on a topic for next Sunday. Until then, may your boots take you to new memorable places.

Until my next adventure,

(though seriously delayed)

Viviana Ayre

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