Performing in Disney

April of 2010, Boot Size 11

Greetings my viewers,

I have visited the mystical land of Disney World many times in my life. It was a family tradition to go there, and I awaited each adventure with bated breath. And each adventure held a new tale. But none of my adventures to Disney were quite as spectacular as my journey in 2010.

I was a senior in high school that year, and dealing with the dramatics of college, papers, and of course teenage drama. I was the president of the Japanese Cultural club, and of course I was my choir class’s officer. I was also finding my passion in colorguard, which is a sport involving flags, rifles, sabers, and performing to music.

Not the best makeup... But I had no say in it. XDDDDD

It was perfectly timed that I decided to join colorguard in my last year. I’d always wanted to but I’m shy so I was afraid. But it was my final year of high school and I wanted to go out with a bang. So I joined, and I had the time of my life. This was made better by the fact that my last year in high school coincided with the trip to Disney that occurs every four years with my school’s music department. And for the first time ever the choir was going to accompany the band.

Oh hellz yes I was excited. Ending a word with a z and everything.

Months of preparation ensued. Day after day of singing, dancing, and perfecting every aspect of the show. But it wasn’t until April when the real excitement started up.

Of course, I have explained to you all of my intense love for Disney, so I won’t delve into those particular aspects that thrilled me. Now, this trip was during April vacation, and we were there for about a week. Three days to explore Disney, a day in Universal Studios, and depending on which part of the music department you were in there were days of practice. Being in both colorguard and chorus, there was a lot of practice.

I had been singing for nearly ten years at this point of my choir career. To this day I love it, and wish I had the connections to join a choir now. Nevertheless, I was thrilled. I considered myself especially lucky. Being an officer (and I won’t lie, one of the teacher favorites), I ended up with a speaking solo and a dance. I, Viviana Ayre, was going to be speaking in front of a crowd in the middle of Downtown Disney. For all those years of never getting a single solo and never being quite there… I was getting all that back. Karma was on my side.

It was time for my first show in Disney, and I was jittering with excitement. All that time and effort had been worth it. Garbed in all black, I donned my one dollar bowler hat and lined just out of sight of the audience. It was warm, but knowing Florida as well as I do, it was actually quite pleasant. For someone who gets slammed with stagefright right before almost every show, it was soothing. My music teacher motioned us forward, and I took a deep breath. Time to get this show on the road.

My speaking solo in America

Yes, this is the little dancing piece I had as well.

There were two main songs to sing, and neither of them were Disney-themed. Oh the wonders of Disney copyright in that you are not allowed to sing Disney… In Disney. Does that count as irony? Irony was never my strong suit in English. Nevertheless there was an American themed song, aptly named “America.” The second song we had already performed in another show called “Bye Bye Black Bird.” I will be honest in that there was a third song, but it was one that never stuck in my mind, and for the life of me I can’t remember the title, despite trying to remember for an entire week. Maybe it’s because “America” and “Bye Bye Black Bird” were the two songs were I was… well… significant. I had a speaking solo in “America” and I danced in “Bye Bye Black Bird.”

For anyone who hasn’t performed, there is a very magical feeling to it. And when you work hard and practice hard, that no matter how nervous you are, the muscle memory can carry you through and in the end there is this emotion that is completely undescribable.

But who am I to not try and do so?

Essentially for the feeling of  performing, and particularly this time when I performed in Disney, is a rush. It’s the adrenaline rush of jumping out of an airplane without the stupity (I hate heights I hate heights I hate heights!!!! Jumping out of a plane is a dumb ideaaaaa!!!!!!). My heart was racing and I could not stop shaking from a combination of nerves and excitement.

Overall it is an fantastic, empowering feeling that cannot be compared to anything. Stepping off the stage at the end I felt energized and and empowered. I could do anything I wanted!!!!

Except jump out of a plane.

Next week I will continue into my colorguard performance.

Until my next adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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