What Living in New England has Gifted Me

Now I know this is a travel blog, but while waiting for my edits to roll through, my lovely home of New England was hit with a massive snow storm causing the third largest power outage in my area’s entire history. Because of this storm I am sitting on full-day three of no power seeing as it is Tuesday and I lost power Saturday night. But here I am, hunkered in my college, determined to get this blog really moving.

It was Saturday night after a long day working at the mall and living through the mall itself losing power that I returned home to this:


While it is always common to see branches along side the road (or on the road itself!). But that night I pulled in on an entire tree hitting the apartment building across from mine. Needless to say I ended up standing outside in the pitch black shivering in my vibrum toes shoes (because the sensibility of putting on boots before investigating had left my exhaustion-ridden mind). trying to figure out what happened. Needless to say, the damage was bad, but could have been MUCH worse.

Thankfully only two windows were broken and these shingles were damaged. It could have been an entire room.

Sadly two cars were caught in the crossfire of the giant trees collapse. Let this be a lesson to ALWAYS insure your car. The owner of the car learned this the hard way and is now sans a vehicle.

Suffice to say it was an exciting night filled with many headaches and excitements. Lessons were learned, and now I know to always check the weather for Nor’easters that are en route.

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2 thoughts on “What Living in New England has Gifted Me

  1. I was able to keep power during that storm until a snowplow knocked down a telephone pole. Electricity didn’t return until that Wednesday.

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