My Greetings

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya…. Wait… That’s for my movie blog. This is my travel blog.

If I had been in a normal family I probably would have been the Bilbo Baggins of the tree… An oddball, with a love for the open road and other cultures. But when you have a family like mine, oddities are encouraged. I often joke that two geeks joining together makes a super geek, and that is true. I’m nineteen years old, and I work in a comic book shop surrounded by DC, Marvel, and Magic every second of my day. I am also a steampunked-up airship pirate, and part of a crew on the HS Chronos Aetherium. But one stereotype I thankfully did not gain: the ability to seal myself away in a basement with the internet at my fingertips. Since the very early years of my childhood I’ve traveled around the United States and Canada. And it did not take long before I decided to venture out into other countries in Europe and the South Pacific (no offense to you Canada, but when you live three hours from the border it’s not as impressive as a fifteen hour flight). There is a lust for the open road that I can never suppress which takes me from the streets of Kyoto, Japan, to the sheep-filled fields of New Zealand, to the main street in the Magic Kingdom in Disney.

Now of course you may notice that many of these stories I will tell you are from my younger years. As I go up through the ages you will learn my child-like mindset never really changes (save for the temper tantrums). Being a current college student, travel is not the easiest. Yes, road trips are aplenty, but my current travels are halted until there is free time to have.  But this doesn’t mean there are not tales to be told. My steampunked boots have left many footprints across the world and the United States, and I’m here to share my experiences, and the lessons I have learned in travel.

Until My Next Adventure,

Viviana Ayre

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3 thoughts on “My Greetings

  1. occipitaldeviance

    More. Fast. Please.

  2. Looking forward to hear of your adventures!

  3. Michael B. Greene

    Looking forward to your future posts. Great intro. Don’t be afraid of slowing to pace of your posts. I know you talk really fast in public, but on here you can take your time and add real detail and flavor.

    Waiting on post 2…

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